Dr. Amber Titus, PhD Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics

Where she is working:

Dr. Titus is working as a Scientist at Cleveland Diagnostics Inc.  She worked in this position part-time as she completed her degree and was able to stay on in a full-time role.  Dr. Titus works as an Analytical Chemist in the R&D Department where she works directly with the CSO to develop and characterize new aqueous two-phase systems that can be used as early cancer diagnostic tools.

Citations of papers published:

Dr. Titus currently has 7 publications (4 first-authored).

Awards and recognition received while at Kent State:

The awards and recognitions that Dr. Titus received while in graduate school are:

  • Excellence in Research Award: Post-Candidacy - April 2022, BSCI department
  • Graduate Research Award - March 2021, GSS
  • University Fellowship Nominee- Feb 2021, BSCI Department

Dr. Titus also received the Graduate Student Senate domestic travel award in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

While an undergraduate in the department, Dr. Titus also received:

  • Honorable Mention for Undergraduate Research in Biological Sciences - March 2017, Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Luis and Eva Margolis Commemorative Award in Physiology - Jan 2017, BSCI department