Dr. Lauren Baldarelli, PhD Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Dr. Lauren Baldarelli graduated with a PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Kent State University in Fall 2021.

Where she is working:

Lauren is working for Single.Earth (https://www.single.earth) as a Research Ecologist.


Citations of papers published:

Publications published:

Baldarelli, L.M., Collins, S.L., Ward, D. (2021). How encroaching shrubs and nutrients affect N-fixation in the Chihuahuan desert. Plant and Soil, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11104-021-05072-y.

Baldarelli, L.M., Throop, H.L., Collins, S.L., Ward, D. (2021). Nutrient additions have direct and indirect effects on biocrust biomass in a long-term Chihuahuan Desert grassland experiment. Journal of Arid Environments184, 104317.

Mesfin, M., Johansen, J.R., Pietrasiak, N., Baldarelli, L.M. (2020). Nostoc oromo sp. nov. (Nostocales, Cyanophyceae) from Ethiopia: a new species based on morphological and molecular evidence. Phytotaxa433, 81-93.


Publication in review:

Baldarelli, L.M., Pietrasiak, N., Osorio-Santos, K., Johansen, J.R. Two new Mojavia species from the Americas. Journal of Phycology, in review.


Publications in prep:

Baldarelli, L.M., Throop, H.L., Ward, D. A piosphere approach to determining livestock grazing effects on biological soil crusts. Applied Vegetation Science, in prep.

Baldarelli, L.M., Throop, H.L., Ward, D. Factors affecting the abundance and distribution of biocrusts along an elevational gradient in the Sonoran desert, Arizona, USA. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, in prep.


Awards and recognition she received while at Kent State:

The Garden Club of America, Desert Studies Grant, $4,000

KSU Graduate Student Support Award, 2021, $200

KSU Graduate Student Senate Book Award, Fall 2020, $200

KSU Graduate Student Senate Research Award, Spring, 2020, $2,000

KSU Graduate Student Senate International Travel Award, Spring 2020, $1,500

KSU Graduate Student Senate International Travel Award, Fall 2017, $1,000