Field Sites

Jennings Woods

Located within a 20 minute drive from KSU in Ravenna, Ohio (Portage Co.), Jennings Woods is a 74 acre property that was purchased by the department in 1966. Habitats include mature second growth oak maple forest, meadows, floodplain and depressional wetlands, and a 600 m portion of the West Branch of the Mahoning River. It is rich in many invertebrate, vertebrate and plant species due to the varied habitats. Jennings Woods has been used for many graduate students thesis and dissertation projects, and it is a popular field site for many undergraduate and graduate classes.

We have 16 other field sites near the KSU campus, ranging in size from 1-77 acres, including several bogs, a fen, and several mixed woodland properties, all with varying amounts of urban impact. These properties are organized and overseen by the CERNS.