M.S. and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

1.    Is the GRE required for the MS or PhD Biological Sciences graduate programs?

  •        The GRE is NOT required.

2.    Why is the GRE listed on my application checklist as being required?

  •       The GRE is NOT required & will be removed manually from your checklist.

3.    Are English Proficiency scores required if my education was taught in English?

4.    Why is the English Proficiency listed on my application checklist as required when my education was from a country listed on the English Proficiency Waiver list?

  •        If the country you were educated in is on our English Proficiency Waiver list, you do not need to submit proof of English proficiency.  It will be removed manually form your checklist. 

5.    Do I need to contact faculty ahead of time and list them on my application?

  •        No, you can apply without contacting faculty members. However, matching your research interest with a faculty member is an important part of the acceptance criteria into our program. It will help if you are familiar with the research of our faculty and list the names of faculty members in your personal statement with whom you have similar research interests. Click here to find our faculty research interests.

6.    Can I apply for Spring semester admission?

  •        No, we only do Fall admissions.

7.    If I am accepted into the MS or PhD program in Biological Sciences, am I eligible for a stipend, tuition coverage and any health insurance benefits?  And do I have to apply for them separately?

  •        Unconditional acceptance in both our MS & PhD programs includes a graduate assistantship position that comes with a stipend, tuition coverage, and some health insurance benefits.  You do not need to apply for these benefits separately.

8.    Can I submit my UNOFFICIAL transcript with my application?

  •        No, unofficial transcripts are not accepted.  We accept copies of OFFICIAL transcripts with your application.  If you are accepted into our program, we will ask you to have your official transcripts submitted directly to our university at that time.

9.    Am I able to get an application fee waiver?  

  • DOMESTIC APPLICANTS are eligible for an Application Fee Waiver for applications submitted between October 23 - 30, 2023. 
  • INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS - the window to apply for an Application Fee Waiver has closed.  No more applications for fee waivers will be offered for Fall 2024 admission.  (If you already applied for a fee waiver, selected applicants will be notified by NOVEMBER 1st if they will be receiving a fee waiver.)

10.   Is my GPA high enough for me to be eligible for your graduate program?

  •         The minimum GPA the university accepts for graduate program admission is 2.75/4.0. International transcripts will be converted to the US 4.0 scale by our Office of Global Education.

11.   Where do I go to find Application & Admissions requirements?

  •        If you click on the  yellow/green button 1/2 way down the page that says, “Click here to apply to our MS/PhD Programs,”, it will take you to the Admissions page with the steps for applying to Kent State University’s graduate programs.

12.   How do I see specific program information for the MS & PhD programs offered in Biological Sciences?

13.   How do I upload documents to my application portal?

  •         We are unable to accept document submissions via email. All application requirements and supporting documents must be uploaded through your applicant portal. You may follow the below instructions:

                1.    Go to your status page on your applicant portal and scroll to “upload materials”
                2.    Click on “choose file”
                3.    Click on “upload”

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Graduate Office at bscigrad@kent.edu or call (330) 672-2819.