Jean Engohang-Ndong

Jean Engohang-Ndong

Biological Sciences
Associate Professor
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Dr. Jean Engohang-Ndong teaches multiple biology courses in the Department of Biological Sciences including, but not limited to microbiology, biological foundations, Biological diversity, human genetics, human biology, life on planet earth and biological structure and function. Jean enjoys teaching and loves interacting with his students both inside the classroom and outside. His research interests revolve around antimicrobial drug discovery, molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis and environmental microbiology. He has recently published his work on the effect of electron beam irradiation on bacterial and Ascaris ova in municipal sewage sludge. Jean is currently working on the quality of water in the Tinkers creek, a tributary of the Cuyahoga river in North East Ohio. He is also leading investigations on new chemotherapy for Buruli ulcer, a necrotizing skin disease cause by a bacterium call Mycobacterium ulcerans. Besides teaching and research, Jean is a handyman who loves working around his house with his family. He likes road trips, hiking, biking, fishing and photography.​


Ph.D, Lille University of Science and Technology (France), M. Sc., and B. Sc. in Cellular Biology and Physiology, University of Rennes I, France.


Tropical Diseases, Pathogenesis, Molecular Mechanisms, Disease Control


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American Society for Microbiology, End Buruli Ulcer, Member of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Editorial Board member of the Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education


  • Patent Jean Engohang-Ndong, Frenois F., Locht C., Villeret V. and Baulard A.R. 2003. Patent N° 0312801 (PCT/FR2004/002721 CNRS/INSERM/IPL, France) “Ligands of the mycobacterial repressor EthR: selection processes and applications.”

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