Kent State University’s School of Biomedical Sciences has a highly-educated faculty dedicated to helping each and every student succeed. Listed below are the members of the associated faculty. Find valuable information on each faculty member in KSU’s School of Biomedical Sciences today.

Name Email Phone Specialty
Michelle Bebber 330-672-0436 Ph.D., Kent State University
James L. Blank 330-672-2984 Ph.D., Indiana University. Neuroendocrine regulation of ovarian function and reproductive behaviors in New World primates. More on Blank
 Lisa Cooper 330-325-6310 Ph.D., Kent State University.More on Cooper
Metin I. Eren 330-672-9353 Ph.D., Southern Methodist University. Experimental archaeology, evolution, human-environment interactions. More on Eren
Rebecca German 330-325-6299 Ph.D. Harvard University. Neurophysiology and biomechanics. Regulation of feeding and pathophysiology of dysphagia. More on German
Tobin Hieronymus 330-325-6635 Ph.D., Ohio University. Pattern and process of skeletal evolution in vertebrates. More on Hieronymus
C. Owen Lovejoy 330-672-4748 Ph.D., University of Massachusetts. Physical anthropology, biomechanics, skeletal biology, human paleontology. More on Lovejoy
Richard Meindl 330-672-4363 Ph.D., University of Massachusetts. Physical anthropology, demography, quantitative methods. More on Meindl
Mary Ann Raghanti 330-672-9354 Ph.D., Kent State University. Comparative neurobiology in evolution, cognition and primate behavior. More on Raghanti
Rafaela Takeshita 330-672-3929 Ph.D., Kyoto University.
Johannes G.M. Thewissen 330-325-6295 Ph.D., University of Michigan. Mammalian anatomy and evolution, morphological adaptations such as those for swimming and flight. More on Thewissen
Linda B. Spurlock 330-672-5972 Ph.D., Kent State University. Forensic anthropology, primatology, archaeology. More on Spurlock
Anthony J. Tosi  330-672-5121 Ph.D., Columbia University. Evolutionary genetics, primate evolution, molecular forensics. More on Tosi
Jesse W. Young 330-325-6304 Ph.D., Stony Brook University.  Evolutionary, comparative and developmental aspects of terrestrial locomotion.  More on Young