Research Experience Courses and Internships

Research Experience in the Biotechnology Major:

Internship in Biotechnology:  BTEC 40192

Students may gain firsthand experience working in biotechnology through an internship experience with a company or another academic institution during the academic year or during the summer.  Internships are established by the student who identifies the internship partner.  Internship announcements are posted in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Department of Biological Sciences.  However, students will need to actively seek positions on their own. 

Summer internships are also available throughout the country.  Some co-ops are paid internships that provide a stipend and room-and-board in a multiple-week summer session. Support is provided by the academic institution or grants from scientific organizations or from the National Institutes of Health or the National Science Foundation.

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Individual Investigation in Biotechnology:  BTEC 40196

Students may work with faculty mentors at Kent State University to develop a specific, extensive research project. A research experience is an important component of the interdisciplinary biotechnology degree program. Students have opportunities to pursue research projects and gain experience working with state-of-the-art instrumentation under the guidance of members of the faculty. This experience is invaluable in the intellectual development of a student and in their subsequent search for technical positions in industrial, medical or government and university research laboratories. 

Senior Honors Thesis

Students who are members of the Honors College may perform undergraduate research and prepare and defend an honors thesis. The Senior Honors Thesis is an independent research project that may be an option for those students who wish to graduate with Honors from Kent State University. The research project is generally under the direction of a mentor in the Department of Biological Sciences or Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and students must register through the Honors College.

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