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Our graduates can be found in local industry as well as Fortune 500 firms across the United States. Many of our undergraduate students pursue graduate education in chemistry or biochemistry; others complete professional training in medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy. Our Ph.D. alumni are researching and teaching at prestigious companies, colleges, and universities around the world. Have you been part of the Kent State Chemistry and Biochemistry community? If you're an alumnus of our Department, please take a moment to let us know what you are doing now.

Our alumni do great things every day - we invite YOU to become part of our success story!

We invite high school students and their families to visit the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for Explore Kent Chemistry Day on Saturday, February 08, 2020.

  • The KSU Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) Chapter is a group for students interested in all disciplines related to and including chemistry. Planned activities are geared towards social and professional networking and development as well as community outreach for both chemistry promotion and service to help better our local community.

  • Access chemical and health safety resources, submit safety suggestions or submit incident reports.

  • Chemistry in Our World, CHEM 10030, satisfies the Basic Science requirements of the Kent Core. The Kent Core is the foundation of the University's mission to prepare students for productive careers in today's complex, global society. The Chemistry in Our World laboratory course, CHEM 10031, also satisfies Ohio Transfer Guidelines.

  • Students may pursue a Pre-Medical program (Pre-medicine, Pre-Osteopathy, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Veterinary Medicine) at Kent State University. They must also complete all the requirements for a primary major or field of concentration.

    Students often choose to pursue the primary major in the biological sciences, chemistry, or psychology; they may, however, pursue any major in the college along with the premedical program.

  • Graduates of our chemistry programs have gone on to do many amazing things, from pursuing further education from top-notch graduate programs; to attending medical, pharmacy or dental school; to careers in academia and industry; and even to non-traditional careers.  Our alumni are researching and teaching at prestigious companies, colleges, and universities around the world.

Fall 2019 Colloquium

Fall 2019 Colloquium Schedule
Thursdays in 111 WMH at 4 p.m.
(unless otherwise noted)

Date Presenter
August 29 Sharon Purvis, KSU, "Chemistry Careers in the Food Industry"
September 5 Dr. Fanny Liao, FEG, "Bioplastics - from waste to chemicals and plastics"
September 12 Dr. Thorsten Schmidt, KSU, "Nanomaterials and bioengineering tools made from DNA"
October 17 Dr. Victor Ryzhov, NIU, "Structure and Reactivity of Peptide Radical Ions"
October 24 Dr. Jayaraman Sivaguru, BGSU, "Enforcing Molecular Behavior to Uncover New Excited State Reactivity"
November 7 Dr. Stanislav Groysman, Wayne State University, "Two are better than one: Design of bimetallics for cooperative catalysis and small molecule activation"
November 14 Dr. Ujjayini Ghosh, MSU/NIH, "Structure of  Aβ filaments from Alzheimer's disease brain"
November 21 Dr. Sharon Rozovsky, University of Delaware, "Selenoproteins role at ensuring protein quality - snap decisions at the membrane"
December 5 Dr. Sarah Keane, University of Michigan, "NMR spectroscopy of large RNAs"