Abstract: Albrecht

Interdisciplinary Music Cognition Lab infrastructure funding request

Joshua Albrecht, Ph.D., College of Music, Kent State University

The Interdisciplinary Music Cognition Lab was formed in fall 2019 in the School of Music. to promote research at the intersection of the Arts and Sciences, with a focus on the neuroscience of music. One primary goal of the lab is to train and equip undergraduate and graduate students in research skills in the professional path and to increase the activity and quality of student-led research projects. The lab has garnered a lot of participation, with bi-weekly lab meetings of about ten students. This grant will facilitate the building of an infrastructure for a physical lab space, providing the ability to expand the research productivity and scholarly output of the lab. This money will be used to establish a dedicated and outfitted physical research space to run participants, hold lab meetings, and encourage lab members to work and hang out in, and have spontaneous conversations in will be invaluable in creating a lab identity for students to take ownership of and foster the kinds of research connections that make a lab successful. This will be possible through the use of grant money to purchase computers for running participants in experiments, external monitors for student lab members to plug into, a large monitor for students to practice giving presentations, and some of the necessary background equipment to finish a lab space.