CCP Special Programs


The Science Experience Internship allows qualified high school students the opportunity to participate in research under the guidance of a professor in the following areas:

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Liquid Crystal Institute (LCI)

  • Geology

  • Physics

  • Computer Science

Students who are interested in participating in the Science Experience Internship must submit a College Credit Plus application by the semester deadline in which they want to participate. Students must also submit the Science Internship Application.

Once a Science Internship applicant is admitted to CCP, the Pre-College Programs staff will coordinate with University faculty to determine the most appropriate placement for students based on their research interests. Accepted interns will be placed with a faculty member and will be given their contact information to determine a research schedule. The student should plan to spend 3 hours per week for 15 weeks per semester as part of the program. Students who successfully complete the Science Experience course will earn one credit hour of Kent State University credit.

Please note that the Science Experience Internship is not automatic or guaranteed and is based upon acceptance into College Credit Plus and faculty member availability.


The Science Internship Application