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Regents STARTALK Foreign Language Academy

If you are an Ohio high school student, the Regents STARTALK Foreign Language Academy is an opportunity for you to start on your way to advanced-level proficiency in the critical-need languages of Chinese and Russian. Talk to your parents and guidance counselor about this unique opportunity and apply to the Regents STARTALK Foreign Language Academy at Kent State University!

This program is run through the Modern and Classical Language Department

  • The program is intended for students with no prior knowledge of Chinese and Russian
  • Students can receive up to four (4) college credits
  • Students live and study together in the Kent State Honors College (Johnson/Stopher Halls)
  • Students study in a supportive, culture-rich environment
  • Teachers are experienced professionals from local colleges and universities
  • Students are provided with a laptop computer and all necessary software for the course of the program
  • Students must participate in a follow-up academic year session consisting of distance learning and monthly Saturday sessions

If you are admitted into the Foreign Language Academy, you will need to apply and be accepted to the College Credit Plus program to receive credit. All Kent State students have FlashLine accounts in which you will be able to see grades, check and receive emails, print schedules, and much more.

High school students living outside the state of Ohio who are interested in attending the summer portion of the Kent State Foreign Language Academy should contact the program director, Dr. Brian Baer, at for details.

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The Science Experience Internship allows qualified high school students the opportunity to participate in research under the guidance of a professor in the following areas:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Liquid Crystal Institute (LCI)
  • Geology
  • Physics
  • Computer Science

Students who are interested in participating in the Science Experience should submit an application for the College Credit Plus Program (CCP) to the Pre-College Programs office by the deadline listed on the application. Students should also submit a Science Internship Application. Once a student is admitted, the Pre-College Programs staff will coordinate with University faculty to determine the most appropriate placement for students based on their research interests. Students will be placed with a faculty member and will meet with the professor to determine a research schedule. The student should plan to spend 3 hours per week for 15 weeks per semester as part of the program. Students who successfully complete the Science Experience course will earn one credit hour of Kent State University credit.

The Science Internship Application