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  • Pat W. Camerino
    Graduation Year: 1957
    Current Employment: Retired: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX (Emeritus Associate Professor)
    Comments: PhD (Biochem) Cornell U; PD Dartmouth Med Sch; Oregon St U.  Work: NIH, Div of Research Resources, NIAMD, Univ of Massachusetts/Amherst, Assoc Grad Dean for Research, Baylor College of Med, Dir Faculty Resources, Admin Dept of Med
  • Leslie Ellison
    Graduation Year: 2012
    Current Employment: I worked for almost a year at Ben Venue as a QA auditor, then worked for a month at GOJO in their Microbiology R&D Department.
    Comments: Biotechnology
  • Brad Gable
    Graduation Years: 2004, 2005
    Current Employment: Medical School  - Ohio State
    Comments: BS, MS - Biochemistry. My time at Kent State prepared me to succeed in medical school, residency and in my practice. Taught me how to be a quality researcher.
  • Kristin Gore
    Graduation Year: 2011
    Current Employment: I have attended Michigan State University for a Ph.D. in Chemistry. I am currently writing my dissertation and will be starting a job as a radiochemist at Niowave, Inc. in Lansing, MI thi ssummer.
    Comments: B.S. Chemistry
  • Dr. Bart Heldreth
    Graduation Year: 1998
    Current Employment: Chemist at Cosmetic Ingredient Review
    Comments: B.S. 1998/undergrad research with Dr. L.C. Chien at LCI
    Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, USF 2004
  • M. Beth Hopkins (Martin)
    Graduation Year: 1989
    Current Employment: Secondary Chemistry Teacher for Washington County Department of Education, Jonesborough, TN
    Comments: Graduated 2010 with an M.Ed. from Milligan College, TN.  Currently, I am the Chemistry teacher for a rural, Title I school.
  • James A. Jackson
    Graduation Year: 1961
    Current Employment: Retired
    Comments: First to isolate a crystalline molecular complex of a carbonium ion salt.  Published in Tetrahedron Letters No. 8, pp. 797-799, Pergamon Press Ltd.  Author of a book entitled, "Oops There Must Be Some Mistake."
  • Thom Janini
    Graduation Year: 1997
    Current Employment: Assistant Professor at Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, OH.
  • Kapil Kumar
    Graduation Year: 2000
    Current Employment: Senior R&D Scientist at Life Technologies, Inc.
  • Richard Lavrich
    Graduation Year: 2001
    Current Employment: Assistant Professor, College of Charleston
  • Byron K. Leles
    Graduation Year: 1969
    Current Employment: Part-time instruction in physics, Alabama State Community College System.  I have been teaching (full time and part time) chemistry and physics in this system for 40 years.
    Comments: I enjoyed my years at KSU very much and have always felt that I received a good and solid training in my chosen field.  I have always enjoyed teaching far more than research; hence, my career in community college teaching has been very rewarding for me.
  • Kelly Materna
    Graduation Year: 2013
    Current Employment: I'm currently a third year inorganic chemistry graduate student at Yale University working on my Ph.D. with Prof. Gary Brudvig. I'm also working on starting my own photography business and plan to hike the Appalachian trail after graduation.
    Comments: Chemistry and minor in photo illustration. My time at Kent helped me et to where I am now. It was an easy transition to graduate school due to the preparation at KSU.
  • Jim McCargar
    Graduation Year: 1988
    Current Employment: Associate Vice President and Professor of Chemistry, Baldwin-Wallace College.
  • Kristin McLaughlin
    Graduation Year: 2013
    Current Employment: I'm currently working in the laboratory at Marathon Petroleum Company's oil refinery in Canton, OH. Ranked as Forbes's #1 Employer this year, I'm proud to work for such a great company! And my education at Kent State certainly helped put my application to the top of a very large pile.
    My husband and I also own our own small business breeding, training and selling American Quarter Horses.
  • Cassady Morris
    Graduation Year: 2015
    Current Employment: Worked as a medical assistant for a primary doctor in the Washington, D.C. area. Currently in graduate school to become a Naturopathic Doctor and attain my Masters in Global Health.
    Comments: Biochemistry. Miss campus on a sunny day, not so much during the winter and walking into the chemistry building from the parking lot with frozen snot on my face!
  • Dr. Edward Suarez Moreira
    Graduation Year: 2010
    Current Employment: Post-doctoral Fellow, Division of Vascular Surgery, Institute of BioNanotechnology in Medicine, Northwestern University
  • Richard Schroer
    Graduation Year: 1970
    Current Employment: Retired in 2001 as Senior Project Manager for Safety Assessment for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
  • George Thampy
    Graduation Year: 1981
    Current Employment: After a post-doctoral fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine, I served as an Instructor in Biochemistry at Baylor. After that I worked as an Assistant Professor at Indiana University School of Medicine. After that I got my MD from Saintt Louis University School of  Medicine. After that I did three years of Residency Training at SLU. After that I joined Washington University in Saint Louis and obtained my Endocrine Fellowship. Currently I am practicing Endocrinology in Saint Louis.
    Comments: Ph.D.
  • Cassie Winnenberg
    Graduation Year: 2013
    Current Employment: I moved to Cincinnati and worked a few odd jobs before I found a position in the Regulatory department at Givaudan.
    Comments: BA Chemistry. I made a lot of good friends at Kent!