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  • Pat W. Camerino
    Graduation Year: 1957
    Current Employment: Retired: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX (Emeritus Associate Professor)
    Comments: PhD (Biochem) Cornell U; PD Dartmouth Med Sch; Oregon St U.  Work: NIH, Div of Research Resources, NIAMD, Univ of Massachusetts/Amherst, Assoc Grad Dean for Research, Baylor College of Med, Dir Faculty Resources, Admin Dept of Med
  • Dr. Bart Heldreth
    Graduation Year: 1998
    Current Employment: Chemist at Cosmetic Ingredient Review
    Comments: B.S. 1998/undergrad research with Dr. L.C. Chien at LCI
    Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, USF 2004
  • M. Beth Hopkins (Martin)
    Graduation Year: 1989
    Current Employment: Secondary Chemistry Teacher for Washington County Department of Education, Jonesborough, TN
    Comments: Graduated 2010 with an M.Ed. from Milligan College, TN.  Currently, I am the Chemistry teacher for a rural, Title I school.
  • James A. Jackson
    Graduation Year: 1961
    Current Employment: Retired
    Comments: First to isolate a crystalline molecular complex of a carbonium ion salt.  Published in Tetrahedron Letters No. 8, pp. 797-799, Pergamon Press Ltd.  Author of a book entitled, "Oops There Must Be Some Mistake."
  • Thom Janini
    Graduation Year: 1997
    Current Employment: Assistant Professor at Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, OH.
  • Kapil Kumar
    Graduation Year: 2000
    Current Employment: Senior R&D Scientist at Life Technologies, Inc.
  • Richard Lavrich
    Graduation Year: 2001
    Current Employment: Assistant Professor, College of Charleston
  • Byron K. Leles
    Graduation Year: 1969
    Current Employment: Part-time instruction in physics, Alabama State Community College System.  I have been teaching (full time and part time) chemistry and physics in this system for 40 years.
    Comments: I enjoyed my years at KSU very much and have always felt that I received a good and solid training in my chosen field.  I have always enjoyed teaching far more than research; hence, my career in community college teaching has been very rewarding for me.
  • Jim McCargar
    Graduation Year: 1988
    Current Employment: Associate Vice President and Professor of Chemistry, Baldwin-Wallace College.
  • Dr. Edward Suarez Moreira
    Graduation Year: 2010
    Current Employment: Post-doctoral Fellow, Division of Vascular Surgery, Institute of BioNanotechnology in Medicine, Northwestern University
  • Richard Schroer
    Graduation Year: 1970
    Current Employment: Retired in 2001 as Senior Project Manager for Safety Assessment for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.