Dr. Farid Fouad

"Synthesis of Liquid Crystalline Heterocyclic Compounds"

Our research interests are focused on the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with potential applications in the fields of pharmaceuticals and material sciences. Nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur heterocyclic compounds are desirable building blocks in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Heterocyclic compounds also have many industrial uses as components in dyes, antioxidants, and semiconductors. Both conventional and microwave assisted synthetic techniques are adopted in our research. Recently, we have developed an efficient synthesis of triazolo-pyrido benzoxepans as novel serotonin [5HT] receptor antagonists using flow and microwave methods.

Another area of interest is the synthesis of heterocyclic supramolecular compounds as liquid crystals, organic semiconductors and organic gelators. The structure of many heterocyclic compounds permits their self-assembly and aggregations via possible intermolecular hydrogen bonding,π-stacking, and metal coordination, making them attractive tunable optical and electronic targets.

Currently, we are interested in the synthesis of liquid crystalline heterocyclic compounds. A terphenyl-like core structure with one or more of the phenyl rings replaced by heterocycles and a varied number of flexible tails is expected to develop mesogenic properties. Students in our laboratory will have the opportunity to learn and practice organic synthesis, structure elucidation and physical measurements.