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Jeffrey Mighion

Dr. Jeffrey Mighion

The Mighion group drives to utilize chemical synthesis and catalysis to solve structural and biological problems. To these ends, students will be asked to take risks and design bold ideas. Modern methods such as C-H functionalization as well as new and old twists on traditional reactivity such as carbonyl dependent reactivity will underpin the strategic goals of the lab. We strive to develop new methods and tactics to allow for the utilization of ubiquitous starting materials in a safe, cheap, catalytic, and low waste manner. Towards our interest in biological problems, we look to use the platform of natural products to probe mechanisms of actions and use their analogues to hopefully solve problems in human health. During the course of research in the Mighion lab, students will be prepared to ask thoughtful questions in chemical research, to solve synthetic challenges, and to become leaders in the larger chemical community.

Job Title

Assistant Professor

Job Department

Chemistry & Biochemistry