Kent State University's 2016 Neuroscience Symposium Poster Session

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11/18/22 COF-CS Meeting with KSU CS Alumni

  • Covering the topic of programming FPGAs in high level languages: challenges and opportunities with guest speaker Dr. MD I. Islam Tamim (Kent State Computer Science Alumni)

4/16/23 2023 COF Research Poster Conference

Dr. Wilson Chung and student

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Three students and a professor standing together in a technology lab

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Choose Ohio First Poster Conference Awards 2022 featuring winners from Kent State University.

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Spotify Statistics
Seth Haugland and Steve Duber
(Mentor: Neha Yalamanchi) 
Student Teaching Experiences
Maddy Anderson, Natalie Grace, Kelsey Titko, and Jacob Cover
(Mentor: Joanne Caniglia)