Materials informatics is an emerging interdisciplinary field that promotes data management, standards, and exchange as well as data mining and analysis as a means of accelerating scientific research.

Center for Materials InformaticsKent State’s Center for Materials Informatics is a front runner in this field and a great resource for interested students and faculty. 

The Center for Materials Informatics (CMI) at Kent State University (KSU), established in 2008, aims to be an internationally recognized center in using informatics to advance materials research and education. It will begin with a focus on soft matter (e.g., liquid crystals, polymers, and proteins), biomaterials, and nanomaterials.

The objectives of Kent State's Center for Materials Informatics include:

  • using a full array of modern informatics technology
  • producing tools, applications, data resources, and knowledge on a multi-disciplinary scale
  • supporting acceleration of development and adoption of new materials
  • helping to prepare the next generation of scientists as early adopters of new approaches to conducting science
  • contributing to the mission of Kent State University and the State of Ohio