We're proud of our graduates. We're proud of our students who earn distinction on the Dean's and President's lists.  

We have a keen desire to promote academic excellence.  But like other state-assisted colleges and universities, Kent State University is challenged by the decline in financial support by our state. In 2003, we responded to this reduction in financial support by moving our Dean’s, President's and Graduation lists to the Web, and put those lists at the fingertips of legislators and the news media.   Since that time, we have saved our students and the citizens of Ohio over $11,000 annually. 

Kent State University is continuing its goals to exceed constituent expectations in a positive, proactive manner.  We continue to re-engineer for greater efficiency. We strive to improve processes and create resources to meet strategic goals. We remain determined to use all the technological resources at our disposal to the best advantage.

We have a strong desire to make this website as user-friendly as possible. Your ideas and suggestions for improvement are vital to our continued success. Submit your idea or suggestion.

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Parents & Students

Learn how to ensure your/your student's achievement of the Dean's or President's list or Graduation announcement is reported to your hometown newspaper.

Media & Legislators

We have moved to an e-mail delivery system to send our friends in the legislature and media our Dean's/President's and Graduation lists each semester. If you are a member of the legislature or media and you would like to receive the lists each semester, please submit this request form.