Helping Hands, Kent State Donations for COVID-19

By the Numbers

Donations reported as of April 13, 2020.

Nursing and allied health programs on our Kent and Regional Campuses have donated lab supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE) that is in high demand, to area hospitals.

No. of ItemsItem DonatedArea Donating
250Pairs of sterile glovesNursing
50Isolation gownsNursing
25Boxes of clean glovesNursing
60Single sterile glovesNursing
4Boxes of face masksNursing
40,000Pairs of glovesMultiple*
1,700Surgical masksMultiple*
45N95 respirator masksMultiple*
19Face shieldsMultiple*
N/ADisposable lab coats, antispetic and shoe coversMultiple*
121N95 respirator masksAMLCI
71Waterproof lab jacketsAMLCI
68Waterproof lab jumpsuitsAMLCI
30Pairs of safety glassesAMLCI
20Boxes of glovesAMLCI
13Lab coatsAMLCI
3,000Certified medical masksMultiple**
50Snack and Sanitizer care packagesNursing
400Surgical Face MasksAshtabula
47Boxes of GlovesAshtabula
3Boxes of Sterile Surgical GlovesAshtabula
40N95 MasksAshtabula
25Yellow PPE GownsAshtabula
8Boxes of GlovesAshtabula
50PPE GownsAshtabula
12Boxes of GlovesAshtabula
40Boxes of Nalgene GlovesAshtabula
45Boxes of Latex GlovesAshtabula
2Boxes of N95 MasksAshtabula
100Dust and filter maskAshtabula
150Polyethylene apronsAshtabula
20N95 masksEast Liverpool
200Surgeon CapsEast Liverpool
100Sterile Towel DrapesEast Liverpool
100GownsEast Liverpool
400Exam GlovesEast Liverpool
8Boxes of MasksGeauga
2Boxes of GogglesGeauga
19Boxes of GlovesGeauga
2Boxes of Shoe CoversGeauga
2Boxes of Head CoversGeauga
1Boxes of CoverallsGeauga
0.5Boxes of Ties and MasksGeauga
50Reusable gownsGeauga
23Boxes of GlovesGeauga
3Boxes of MasksGeauga
75Boxes of GlovesEHHS
50Isolation GownsNursing
7Boxes of Shoe CoversPublic Health
1503-D printed face shields (assembled so far - ongoing)Design Innovation initiative
600hand sewn face masks (on-going)Fashion
30Boxes of GlovesSalem
12Face ShieldsSalem
18N95 MasksSalem
10Paper GownsSalem
150Procedure MasksStark
80Pairs of Splash GogglesStark
50Boxes of Nitrile GlovesStark
24Printed Face MasksTuscarawas
2,400Sterile GlovesTuscarawas
30Isolation GownsTuscarawas
540N95 MasksTuscarawas
1Puritan Bennet 840 VentilatorAshtabula
1Phillips Respironics V60 Noninvasive VentilatorAshtabula
1Welch Allyn SureTemp oral thermometer with 6 boxes of probe coversAshtabula
1Covidien Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer with 2 boxes of probe coversAshtabula
2Metene Ear and Forehead ThermometersAshtabula
10Hospital BedGeauga
1Digital TermometerNursing
1Box of termometer coversNursing
1Versa Care P3200 bed w/in bed scale-tag 181056, rm 190 ASalem
1Critical Care bed – tag 180134, rm 190 BSalem
1Advanta P1600 bed – tag 181054, rm 190 CSalem
1Hill Rom Stretcher – tag 180565, rm 190 ESalem
1Total Care P1900 Treatment Bed w/in bed scale- tag 181055, rm 190 FSalem
1Hill Rom Affinity II Bed – tag 180133, rm 190 JSalem
1Total Care bed – KSU tag , rm 189Salem
7Lot of temporal Thermometers ($80 each)Salem
7Lot of bedside tables ($300 each)Salem
2Two vital signs monitors ($1,000 each)Salem
1One large pulse oximeterSalem
4Four small handheld oximeter ($500)Salem
3Three Manual BP cuffs ($25)Salem
1EKG MachineSalem
1PCR Workstation-Air Clean UV lightbox for sterilization, Tag NL0177275 , rm 213Salem
51,685Total Donations Reported as of April 13, 2020Total

Additional Donations

3D manufacturing of surgical masks

Dr. Chris Woolverton and the College of Public Health donated gloves, masks and gowns to local hospitals, and soon we are likely to ramp up the 3D manufacturing of surgical masks, even while some of our employees are doing so already in informal sewing circles.

Learn more about the Design Innovation COVID-19 PPE Production

Volunteers are knitting masks

Volunteers across Northeast Ohio are taking action by knitting masks at home and from material that may not provide enough protection for healthcare workers on the front lines.

Food and Funds

  • 800 pounds of food donated in one week from the volunteer staff of our food pantry to our neighbors.
  • $15,800+ raised within 24 hours for the Pay it Flash Forward Emergency Fund by generous alumni.
    • $65,000+ raised as of April 13, 2020

Data Sources

Group Donations
*Multiple: Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute (AMLCI), Sustainability/Fuel Cell Lab in the College of Aeronautics and Engineering, Department of Anthropology, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Exercise Physiology Program in the School of Health Sciences, Department of Geology, College of Nursing, Department of Physics and the Department of Psychological Sciences.
**Multiple: Kent State students in the Department of Computer Science, The Fashion School and the Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Kent State obtained funding between March 25 and 31, 2020, for Summa Health, Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals.