Dane Paris


Birthday: September 9th

Are you a first generation college student? Yes

Favorite Hobby: Exercise

Fun Fact #1: I am in Mensa International.

Fun Fact #2: I am a night-owl.

What were some highlights of your first year? Were there offices or specific individuals that helped you during your transition?

After coming to Kent State to begin my journey, I looked forward to developing my own sense of self while working towards my career goal of being a doctor. From the start, I was thrilled meeting new people and created a lot of friends on campus, many of which are very close to me today. I also searched for opportunities to get involved and better myself along my academic and social track. I joined American Medical Student Association and Phi Delta Epsilon to acquaint myself with others in my major as well as discover new resources and connections within the Kent community. Overall, getting involved and reaching out to new people has provided me an unforgettable experience during my first year at Kent State University.