Jolie Howell


Birthday: March 22nd

Are you a first generation college student? No

Fun Fact #1: I love watching football.

Fun Fact #2: I love going fishing.

What were some highlights of your first year? Were there offices or specific individuals that helped you during your transition?

My first semester at Kent State was an overall amazing experience. I was definitely nervous leaving home for the first time and being immersed into somewhere completely new. Luckily, I was already friends with my roommate, Katie, so that helped to make my transition much smoother. At the beginning of the semester I joined CHAARG, which has been a great experience for me. I have met so many friends through it, been able to try new workouts, and it has kept me accountable with my fitness in college. I also am thankful for the opportunity to be Secretary on my Hall Council. It has helped me meet some of the RAs in my hall along with fellow residents. It has made me feel more connected to where I live. My RA Miranda helped make my transition to Kent smooth because she always makes a point to talk to me at hall council meetings and when I see her in the hall and she plans events for our floor. Another part that made my transition to Kent State smoother were the friends I met in my hall and in classes because we were all new to Kent State and experiencing a lot of similar things in transitioning to Kent.