Joshua Fine


Birthday: November 23rd

Are you a first generation college student? Yes

Favorite Hobby: Video Games

Fun Fact #1: I am a walking encyclopedia when it comes to musical theater.

Fun Fact #2: I love playing video games, and hanging online with friends.

What were some highlights of your first year? Were there offices or specific individuals that helped you during your transition?

Some of the highlights from my first year at Kent include great friends, great faculty, and some pretty great times. I loved visiting the LGBTQ student center and their events to feel more connected with the community. It helped me push my limits and meet like minded people, who I could feel comfortable sharing my experiences with. My program's professors were wonderful, and made me feel confident in the path I had chosen! My roommate who was a former Flashguide as well as a Resident Assistant really helped me find resources to grow as a person. I have often visited the people in Kent Hall for help with my mental health, and it really helped having someone to talk to during my transition at Kent. Overall, I felt at home at Kent State because of all the resources. Kent State University strives to help students make the transition as easy and painless as possible.