Sam Hundley


Birthday: June 7th

Are you a first generation college student? No

Favorite Hobby: Table Top roleplaying games

Fun Fact #1: I can put both legs behind my head.

Fun Fact #2: I ran away at the age of 6.

What were some highlights of your first year? Were there offices or specific individuals that helped you during your transition?

My first year was a mixed bag, to say the least. At first, I had roommate issues but my Resident Assistant, Tahany, was very helpful in helping me navigate that. I met an awesome group of friends during the very first day of KSU Kickoff. I just decided to start talking to someone and we became fast friends. My advisor pushed me to sign up for the Peer Leader Training Course because I said I was interested in becoming an Resident Assistant, and my Peer Leader Trainer, Tristan, gave me the idea to apply for the Flashguide position .