Meeting Agenda for February 8, 2013

FEB. 8, 2013
308D WH ~ 10:30 AM – 12 PM


NCATE Update (Cathy Hackney)

Update on new OAE Test (Kathy Zarges)

Web page:

Praxis II Requirement (should we require it for student teaching? Graduation? Or not?)

Summer Teacher Education Retreat (Joanne Arhar)

New Dyslexia Requirement (Joanne)

Effective Methods of Instruction for Individuals with Dyslexia

New Website for Pre-Service Teachers

New Website for Ohio Educators (with info about all of the standards that affect us!)

New OBR web pages for teacher education

TPA (Lori Wilfong)

edTPA Update
KSU Dropbox Scorer Guide
KSU Dropbox Instructor Guide
KSU Dropbox Student Guide
2013 Making Good Choices

Credit Hours for Student Teaching (Joanne and Susan)

Minimum requirements for the Student Teaching/Practicum/Internship/Field Experiences courses:

  • 1 credit = 45 hours per semester (3 hours per week avg.)
  • 9 credits = 405 hours per semester (27 hours per week avg.)
  • 12 credits = 540 hours per semester (36 hours per week avg.)

Hours (clock hours [60 minutes], as opposed to nominal hours [50 minutes]) = on-site time + time spent on out-of-class activities.

Effective Fall 2013, overload is anything over 16 credits.

Clinical Experience Update (Jim Knapp)