Alumni Spotlight

Shellie Warino


1)What year (years) did you graduate and which program(s) did you complete?
I graduated in May of 2011 with a master's degree in Health Education and Promotion.

 2) What were some of your biggest challenges after graduating that shaped your career?
One of the biggest challenges was to decide how I would stay active in Health Education and Promotion since the coursework for the master's degree was complete. Therefore, I have taken on more responsibility with the American Cancer Society. I have committed to being on the Volunteer Leadership Committee in Mahoning County with the duties of overseeing the Quality of Life Committees. In addition, I have committed to participant in Ohio Lobby Day in Columbus to advocate for the smoking cessation in Ohio.

 3) What has been your most significant professional accomplishment since graduating? 
My most significant professional accomplish was speaking at a national conference in Miami , Florida sponsored by  The  American Society of Radiologic Technologist on "Becoming Cultural Competent in Health Care."

 4) Are you currently employed, and if so, where?
Currently, I am employed at Kent State University, Salem Campus as the clinical coordinator for the radiation therapy program.