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Dr. Dianne Kerr

Dianne Kerr

I graduated from Slippery Rock State University in 1976, taught in private schools for 3 years, and graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Master's Degree in Health and Physical Education in 1981. I taught in Colleges and Universities for a number of years and received my PhD in Health Education from The Ohio State University in 1992. I have been at Kent State University for over 20 years. I have spent most of my career (since 1984) working on the HIV/AIDS epidemic conducting AIDS Education teacher training in national and state venues and teaching about HIV at Kent State. I have been awarded the Ohio AIDS Service Award twice. Some of my career was spent as the AIDS Education Project Director for the American School Health Association where I taught school personnel how to teach about AIDS early in the epidemic. My research encompasses HIV education, sexual minority health, and women's health issues. I have approximately 60 publications and have written grants totaling over $3 million. Recently I was humbled to have been awarded a Distinguished Alumna Award from Slippery Rock State University, my undergraduate alma mater. I also serve on two boards for the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. I am currently serving as a Provost’s Faculty Associate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at KSU, working on women’s issues and sexual minority issues. I am a strong believer in the statement "Give to the world the best that you have, and the best will come back to you." I am fortunate to love my career and be able to help my students to find their passion and see them succeed in their own careers.



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Full Professor

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Health Sciences