Academic and Personal Resources

The University, the City of Kent, and northeastern Ohio offer many academic, personal and cultural resources to students. Following is a description of some of the academic and personal resources.


Counselor Education and Supervision occupies 8,500 square feet of classrooms, study rooms, practicum facilities, offices, and service areas, all housed together as one unit on the Kent campus. We are also associated with The Counseling Center, located in White Hall, Room 325, an on campus practicum facility for counseling. Eight group, family and individual rooms are maintained. The Counseling Center has facilities for live observation and audio/video recording and playback.

The University

Kent State University is a publicly supported center of undergraduate and graduate education located in northeastern Ohio in the large urban triangle which includes Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Youngstown. The University has been designated a Doctoral Research University-Extensive by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. There are approximately 22,000 students on the Kent campus where this program is located. The College of Education, Health, and Human Services is one of the University’s main units in size. Graduate students comprise about 40% of the College’s enrollment.

The Kent Campus of KSU includes 2,466 acres. The focal point of the 105-building campus is the University Center with its plaza, 12 story open-stack library, and Student Center. The University library is a member of the Association of Research Libraries, it has continuing subscriptions to many of the journals directly related to counseling, and it is a member of Ohio LINK which provides cooperative resource sharing through online circulation of materials. The University is well known for its student operated Campus Bus Service. Special transportation services and accessible facilities open the campus to individuals with disabilities.

A wellness program exists for the benefit of the Kent State community, and many recreational and athletic opportunities are available to students. A full range of cultural activities is also available to students. The University maintains a graduate level residence hall with single rooms and one and two bedroom apartments for married students and students with families.

Students in need of personal counseling are encouraged to use the University Psychological Services (UPS). UPS is located in the DeWeese Health Center on campus. To make further inquiries call 330-672-2487.

Instructional Resource Center (IRC)

IRC services are now available through the desk (TSL) in room 221 White Hall. If you need to make equipment reservations, put items on reserve, purchase supplies, make color copies and transparencies, or any other IRC services, please call 672-2256, or come to room 221. The service area will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday.

Computer Labs: There are three computer labs in the College for classes and individual use. Each lab has 20 student computers, a teacher station, and projection equipment. Internet access and Microsoft Office are available in all labs. The labs are open for individual use during the hours not scheduled for classes. Class times are posted near each lab and can change weekly. Typical hours of operation are 8:30am - 8:00pm Monday - Thursday and 8:30 - 5:00pm on Friday. Assistance for technical issues in the labs is provided through room 221.

Three computer laboratories are maintained for student use: Windows Lab, located in room 203 Macintosh Lab, located in room 205 Multimedia Lab, located in room 213 Curriculum Materials: Over 10,000 computer, CD-Rom, print, and media titles covering all levels of education and related areas are included in the collection. Assessment materials are available to student in specific classes. Faculty may place materials on reserve for students to access. Students with a valid KSU ID may borrow most materials free of charge for a one-week period. Fines are charged for materials returned late.

Printing: Printing may be done in any lab in the IRC through the UniPrint system with a flash card. Color printing is available through the 221 service desk and can be accessed from any computer in White Hall. Copies can also be made from print materials.

Flex Lab: Windows and Macintosh computers are available for special projects in this lab. The room can also be used for short term computer classes with addition of a wireless computer lab. Scanning, video digitizing, CD-Rom and DVD burning, and printing are available. Student access to this lab is controlled.

Tech Services Group: Tech Services provides computing resources to departments, faculty, staff, and students. These resources include access to the following: e-mail; networked printers; word processing; databases; spreadsheets; presentation software; and the Internet. Support also includes installation of new software, troubleshooting hardware and software problems, and updating virus signatures.

Production Facilities: Materials may be purchased or borrowed for creating posters, bulletin boards, and other materials. Both Windows and Macintosh computers with scanners are available for desktop publishing activities. Software such as Microsoft Office, OmniPage, PowerPoint, and PhotoEditor are provided. Facilities also include a roll laminating machine, desktop publishing, lettering aids, a GBC binder for binding reports, a color copier/printer, and overhead transparency production. In addition, computer diskettes, zip disks, recordable CD’s and VHS videotapes and other supplies for creating instructional materials can be purchased.

Equipment: All classrooms in White Hall are equipped with a computer with display capability, internet access, and video playback equipment. Many classrooms have electronic Smart boards as well.

Bureau of Research Training and Services (BRTS)

Graduate students involved in research may use the services of the BRTS. The following services are provided: tape transcription and coding, computer data entry and analysis, and computer network services and consultation for programming and data analysis. The Bureau is located on the 5th floor of White Hall, room 507. (Accessible on the east side of the building.) For more information call 330-672-7918.

Graduate Student Senate

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services has a Graduate Student Association in Education which considers the concerns of the student body and transmits them to various faculty and administrative groups on campus as appropriate. Each program area has its own representative.

The University also has a Graduate Student Senate, which performs a similar function at the campus-wide level. The CES Program has had a representative to the Graduate Student Senate.