Academic and Personal Resources

The university, the city of Kent, and Northeast Ohio offer many academic, personal and cultural resources to students.

Academic Resources

Academic Resources

As a student, you may have a moment when you recognize that you can use some extra assistance in completing or planning academic work, finding new ways to take a class, finding internship opportunities and connecting with your college representatives. Kent State University offers many resources and services to help you along the path to completing your degree.

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Student Services Resources

Student Services Resources

As a student at Kent State University, you have important academic, personal and community needs.

We’re here to provide you with the services you need while attending Kent State. Understanding your obligations is critical to your success as an individual student. Find more information on Health and Wellness Resources, Identity and Cultural Resources and General Support.

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Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources and Support

Here, you’ll find all mental health and well-being services that support the Kent State University community across our campus system and abroad. This site will help you identify resources for yourself or others and provides information on educational resources to enhance learning around mental health and well-being.

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College of EHHS Resources

College of EHHS Resources

The Counselor Education and Supervision Program

Counselor Education and Supervision occupies 8,500 square feet of classrooms, study rooms, practicum facilities, offices and service areas, all housed together as one unit on the Kent campus. We are also associated with The Counseling Center, located in White Hall, Room 325, an on-campus practicum facility for counseling. Eight group, family and individual rooms are maintained. The Counseling Center has facilities for live observation, digital recording and playback, and record keeping.

  • Counselor Education and Supervision/documents:


    • Provides a list of forms you will need to utilize throughout the course of your master’s program.

    • Examples of documents include practicum and internship log sheets, plan of study forms and the master’s student manual.

The School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences (LDES) 

  • Website:

  • Phone number: 330-672-2294

    • Office of the staff members who process GA applications, appointment forms and course registration

    • Office of the LDES School Director

The College of Education Health and Human Services (EHHS)

Office of the Dean

Bureau of Research Training and Services (BRTS)

Graduate students involved in research may use the services of the BRTS. The bureau is located on the 5th floor of White Hall, Room 507. (Accessible on the east side of the building.) For more information call 330-672-7918.

Services include:

  • Assistance with survey development and implementation.

  • Transcription and data entry of quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Provides statistical consultation and analysis.

  • Provides assistance in program evaluation.

  • Provides research consultation.

EHHS Scholarships 

EHHS offers a number of scholarships for which CES students are eligible to apply. For information related to available scholarships, see

Graduate Student Senate (GSS)

The College of Education, Health and Human Services has a Graduate Student Association in Education which considers the concerns of the student body and transmits them to various faculty and administrative groups on campus as appropriate. Each program area has its own representative.

Instructional Resource Center

IRC services are available through the desk in Room 221 White Hall. If you need to make equipment reservations, put items on reserve, purchase supplies, get state and/or federal fingerprints, make color copies, print posters or any other IRC services, please call 330-672-2256 or come to Room 221. 


  • Fingerprinting

  • Background checks Printing/copying (Color & B/W)

  • Poster Printing

  • Lamination

  • Spine Binding

  • Computer Lab Facility

  • Technology Workshops

  • Digital Fax/Scanning

  • Video Dubbing

  • Equipment borrowing

  • Equipment for sale (e.g., CDs)