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A Note on Copyright

As we move toward providing more and more content online, there are many questions that arise regarding copyright issues. For example, if you show a DVD to your face-to-face class are you legally able to provide a recording of that video to your online students?

There are few easy answers in the copyright field, and while the EHHS Distance Learning team can help guide you on copyright questions, Kent State University has experts who concentrate on these issues. If you are unsure about whether you can use materials/videos in your online course, we recommend that you first explore the KSU Library FAQs on copyright:


The EHHS Distance Learning Support team has created a number of online video tutorials and/or handouts for a variety of issues you may come across when using Blackboard Learn or utilizing other educational technology. Please contact us if there is a tutorial you would like that you cannot find on this page.

These resources will be most appropriate for those instructors with some technological skills who prefer to learn independently. The EHHS Educational Technology Designers are more than happy to sit with any instructors to go through tutorials or handouts, or other provide other assistance as needed. Please just contact Murat Dagistan ( or Thomas Stafford (

Using the EHHS Blackboard Learn Template

Blackboard Learn Tutorials

Adding content to Blackboard Learn

Creating Welcome/Introductory Videos for Courses

The easiest way to create a welcome video, and short videos introducing units/modules online is to use your computer's built-in webcam. You can also borrow webcams from the IRC if you do not have a built-in camera. Allowing students to see you in your own environment and workspace is an authentic way to communicate with the students. Please note: any recordings you make for a Blackboard course must be uploaded to KSUTube before being embedded into a course.

The following tutorials provide advice on recording a brief introduction using a webcam.

Uploading Videos to KSUTube

Creating PowerPoint Video Lectures

Kent State University provides and supports a web-based, cross-platform system for easily creating lectures with PowerPoint. KSU Presenter allows faculty to login with  Flashline username and password, upload or create PowerPoint slides, and add audio. The URL for the presentation can then be provided to any audience. We recommend that faculty use this tool to create online lectures and presentations. Access KSU Presenter here: KSU Presenter.

If KSU Presenter does not meet your needs, there are a number of options for recording PowerPoint presentations with audio. In order to help you decide the best tool and approach for your needs we have created a decision chart with links to relevant tutorials. Please review the chart following the link below and then contact an EHHS Educational Technologist for further assistance.

PowerPoint Video Lectures Decision Chart