TAG Courses

A TAG (Transfer Assurance Guide) course is unique in that it has been matched to a set of learning outcomes in a specific academic discipline.

Approved TAG courses carry the guarantee that the courses and their credits will transfer and apply toward a major at any of Ohio's public institutions of higher education, provided the course was taken when the courses were equivalent. For general information about TAG courses, please go to

The courses listed below are TAG courses that are now available as web courses at Kent State University. Students from any of Ohio's public institutions of higher education may take these courses through Kent State University, and the credits will transfer to the student's home institution:

ITEC 19525 Educational Technology

Catalog Description:
Identification, evaluation, design, preparation and efficient use of educational technology as instructional resource in classroom relating to principles of learning/teaching. Develop classroom communication abilities through lectures, discussions, modeling, lab experiences, completion of comprehensive project.

SPED 2300 Introduction to Exceptionalities

Catalog Description:
Introduction to student exceptionalities, service delivery/placement options, and multidisciplinary team process. Focus on identification of characteristics, definition and identification procedures of students with exceptionalities. Requires 15 clinical hours.

EDPF 29525 Educational Psychology

Catalog Description:
Examines major theories of human development and learning, motivation, instructional strategies, assessment, similarities and differences in learners. The role of factors in the students' learning and development is considered.

EDPF 29535 Education in a Democratic Society 

This course satisfies requirements for the Introduction to Education course

Catalog Description:
Utilize readings, explore themes, broadly explore purposes of school in society and what knowledge, dispositions, and performances are necessary to be successful today.