EHHS Anti-Racism Efforts

To date, here are steps the College of Education, Health and Human Services has taken (both completed and on-going), in collaboration with university-level efforts, to combat racial inequality for our BIPOC community:

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Student Recruitment and Retention

  • Promote and enlist the support of various student and professional organizations to enhance the recruitment and retention of students.

  • Established the BRIDGES program, which is designed for and offered to incoming first-year students from historically under-represented and first-generation groups looking to pursue a degree in the College of Education, Health and Human Services.

  • Participating in recruitment efforts through the Diversity in ED partnership

  • Created partnership with UNCF/Mellon Program to recruit future graduate students under the Direction of Dr. Cynthia Spence.

  • Submitted the “Diversifying Graduate Recruitment & Success” proposal for 2021-2022 year.

  • Established new course offered to all majors at Kent State University starting Spring 2021: ADED 20000 Topics in Social Justice in Teaching.

  • Hosted Ohio Latino Education Summit in November 2019.

Training for Faculty, Staff and Students

  • Offering anti-bias training for faculty, staff and students. 

  • Implementing EHHS 2nd Fridays: topics including Bandwidth: Primed for Justice, Enacting our EHHS Values: Fostering Positive Classroom Experiences for/with BIPOC Students, De-Colonizing our Syllabi, Understanding Anti-Bias and policy review, and Mental Health Impacts and resources for BIPOC people. 

  • Contributing to the Inclusive Teaching Faculty Learning Community through the Center for Teaching and Learning. 

  • Established the School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies Anti-Racist Task Force, which developed an Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias Statement, published a monthly newsletter with faculty resources, held critical conversations, and established an action plan for the next year. Launched a webpage offering many resources in anti-racism in education.

  • Supporting University level anti-racist efforts along with the Division of People, Culture and Belonging.

Policies and Procedures

  • Currently conducting formal review of EHHS college handbook and school handbooks.

  • Groups were formed at the school-level focused on anti-racism efforts: actions items include reviewing current policies, developing anti-racism resources, and (specifically for the School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies) Investigating mapping Teaching Tolerance Anti-Bias Framework: Social Justice Standards across our teacher education licensure programs.

  • Distributed EHHS Policy & Procedure survey: Climate Committee is exploring current policies and practices in College to learn about how individuals may be marginalized and negatively impacted based on their identities related to race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, language, etc.

  • Created Diversity Statement for College: Diversity Committee developed a standard statement for syllabi across the college.

  • Developed Equity and Inclusion Statement through the Vacca Office of Student Services-Academic Advising.