First Full Performance Review

A member of the bargaining unit who has received appointments for three consecutive academic years will undergo a Full Performance Review during the third year of appointment.  NTT Faculty standing for the First Full Performance review shall present review files to the Department Chair according to timelines released by the Office of Faculty Affairs.  Faculty are encouraged to consult with the Department Chair about the contents of the file before submission.  The Chair will make the files available to members of the Ad hoc FT-NTT Reappointment Committee, which shall be constituted in the same manner as the Ad hoc Reappointment Committee for full-time TT faculty, that is, comprised of all tenured members of FAC plus all tenured full professors not already on FAC, with the addition of one full-time NTT faculty member appointed by the Chair.  The committee will review files, meet to discuss them, and vote to advise the Chair on a reappointment.  The Chair will inform the candidate of the Committee vote and will make an independent recommendation to the College and/or Regional Campus Dean.  The Chair will give a copy of his or her recommendation to the candidate and invite him or her to meet to discuss it.

A candidate who successfully completes the First Full Performance Review is eligible for appointment to a three-year term of annually renewable appointments which are conditional from year to year only  upon continued satisfaction with demonstrated performance, continued programmatic and staffing need within the academic unit, and continued budgetary resources supporting the position.

  1. Full Performance Review Files

    The candidate will present the following materials for the first or a succeeding third-year review:

    • An up-to-date curriculum vitae.
    • Student evaluations (SSI summary sheets and student comments) from all classes taught at Kent State University during the preceding two and one-half years.
    • Syllabi and other instructional materials for one or more classes, including copies of representative marked student papers.
    •  A peer evaluation based on class visits conducted by a team of two faculty members in accord with the department’s policy on peer evaluation for full-time and part-time faculty (Section 5).
    • Materials that bear upon assigned administrative or other responsibilities for which equivalencies are given.
    • A self-evaluation statement.
    • Other materials that may bear upon the evaluation of teaching performance, such as evidence of student achievement, analysis of student records, evidence of involvement in curricular development, etc.
    • In addition, the Department recognizes that significant aspects of instructional activity take place outside the classroom, and candidates are encouraged to include evidence of success in non-classroom teaching in the file.