Summer Teaching Assignments

Early in each fall semester, the  Chair will ask full-time TT faculty about their interest in and preferences regarding summer teaching assignments for the next summer sessions.  Faculty members are offered summer teaching assignments on an annual rotation system. The department will endeavor to distribute summer teaching opportunities equitably among members of the bargaining unit without regard to academic rank. Usually faculty will not be assigned more than one class until all requests to teach from full-time faculty have been met.  Priority for Kent Campus assignments to Intersession and Summer Session courses goes to full-time Kent Campus TT faculty.  Faculty members may elect not to accept a summer assignment. See also CBA Article IX, Section 3.

If additional teaching opportunities are available once all other scheduling needs have been addressed, the Chair will solicit interest in teaching a second class from qualified Kent faculty. Ordinarily, only after determining that no Kent TT faculty are available to teach will applications from Kent NTT faculty be considered.  Departures from the priorities noted here will be reviewed by FAC.