Other Specific Administrative Duties | English Faculty Handbook | Kent State University

Other Specific Administrative Duties

  • Enforce University regulations.
  • Develop and carry out, with appropriate consultation, all administrative and educational policies of the Department.
  • Recommend new staff appointments to the Dean and recommend the promotion or tenuring of members of the Department who are eligible and qualified.
  • Appoint and direct the non-academic staff of the Development.
  • Recommend leaves of absence.
  • Supply prompt notification to the offices of the Dean of the absence or resignation of a faculty member.
  • Expedite registration in class sections of the Department by properly advised and qualified students.
  • Recommend course changes through the appropriate Dean or Deans, if more than one college is significantly involved.
  • Distribute teaching assignments, schedule class hours and rooms within allocation, and prepare and supervise reports to appropriate University officials.
  • Maintain custody of University property charged to the Department.
  • Supervise the academic counseling of student majors in the Department.
  • Notify the appropriate executive officers, through channels, of departmental needs for which gifts or bequests should be sought or are being sough.  Engage in appropriate development activities related to gifts and bequests.  Promote cordial and productive alumni relations.
  • Perform other necessary tasks, all of which cannot be specified, such as noting the progress of graduates, maintaining relations with the Regional Campuses, inducting new faculty, developing brochures of course syllabi, etc.