Research Appointments

Upon consultation with the Research Council, the Vice President for Research annually awards on a competitive basis a limited number of academic year and summer research and creative activity appointments to full-time faculty.   Application guidelines are disseminated each year by the Vice President, usually at the beginning of the fall semester.  Each application for an academic year appointment must be submitted to the Chair, who is required to certify that the Department has the staffing resources to support the appointment.  Since it is often difficult to forecast all staffing needs and resources when the applications are submitted, at the time that the Vice Provost receives recommendations from the Research Council, he or she consults with the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Dean with the Chair, to determine the number of awards that the Department can support.  When the number of faculty who can be supported on leave is less than the number recommended for appointments by the Research Council, the leaves will be awarded on the basis of the rankings by the Research Council Subcommittees that have reviewed the applications.  Notification normally is by the end of the fall semester.  Additional information about research and creative activity appointments may be found on the website of the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs.