Accelerating Sustainability: Science, meet Design Innovation


Addressing sustainable practices requires direct collaboration of individuals from multiple perspectives and backgrounds; at its core, sustainability is a complex and messy problem. It requires both systemic and intersectional solutions. This workshop will explore similarities and differences between two common approaches, the scientific method and design thinking, to encourage research collaboration, grant writing and other essential activities in support of cross-disciplinary and sustainable practices.  We will utilize the technique of finding your "superpower" as a means to discuss and reflect on creating powerful and impactful teams of people who are not like you.  Using the mantra of "great minds think nothing alike," we will expose the parallels and the points-of-departure between design thinking and scientific approaches to collaborative problem solving.  This workshop will help in re-framing how we might tackle the messy challenges of sustainable practices together. 


J.R. Campbell, M.F.A., Director, Kent State University

 J.R.Campbell, inaugural executive director of Kent State's Design Innovation Initiative