As stewards of environmental data, research, design, and spaces, our institute has comprised this list of helpful resources for students, faculty, staff, and the larger community.

Please check back, as we continue to add to this site.

Center for Ecology and Natural Resource Sustainability (CENRS)  
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The center promotes an understanding of the natural environment and its resources through scientific research, education of students at Kent State University and beyond, and programs to restore and preserve the integrity of natural areas.

Environmental course list

Have you ever wondered what other courses exist that relate to environmental science and design?  Luckily, you do not have to go through the entire KSU Course Catalog!  Our institute provides you with myriad courses -- spread throughout every college -- that have an environmental focus.  

We also feature relevant Special Topics courses, which are not featured in the Course Catalog.  Check out the list before you register for classes, especially to fulfill one of your ESDRI Fellows Program requirements.

Coming Fall 2022!

Additional KSU institutes and initiatives

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Kent State is proud to be ranked as a R1 Carnegie classification.  Aside from Environmental Science and Design Research Institute, explore our entire division dedicated to cutting edge research.