Past symposia (2013-2023)


Environmental Justice, Ecology, and Race

13 - 14 April 2023

Flyer for ESDRI symposium

Co-hosted with Kent State's Anti-Racism and Equity Institute 
Sponsorship by Cleveland Water Alliance

Keynote speaker
Dorceta Taylor, Yale University

  • Oscar Rocha, Kent State University
  • Paul Chiyokten Wagner, Protectors of the Salish Sea
  • Kawenniiosta Jock (Wolf Clan) (Orenhre'kowa Ki'taratakie), Waterfall Unity Alliance
  • Elaine (Lan Yin) Hsiao, Kent State University
  • Aaron Rimmler-Cohen, Farm Sanctuary
  • Valerie Trouet, Arizona State University
  • Kofi Boone, North Carolina State University 
  • Nayyirah Shariff, Flint Rising 
  • Taraneh Meshkani, Kent State University

Speaker Biographies
2023 Symposium Highlights
2023 Symposium Abstract Catalog


Facing 21st Century Nature: Configuring Fresh Approaches Through Biodesign

16 - 18 March 2020

7th Annual Environmental Science and Design Research Symposium

Keynote speaker
Rachel Armstrong, Newcastle University

  • Christie Bahlai, Kent State University
  • Margarita Benitez, Kent State University
  • J. R. Campbell, Kent State University
  • Terry Cardy, Kent State University
  • Maria Paz Gutierrez, University of California- Berkeley
  • J. Scott MacIvor, University of Toronto- Scarborough
  • Lauren McPhillips, Pennsylvania State University
  • Bridget Mulvey, Kent State University
  • Amy M. Youngs, The Ohio State University

Despite the event being canceled in-person due to COVID-19, symposium virtual events included:

  • Exhibition and lecture by visiting scholar Rachel Armstrong, Newcastle University
  • Student lightning talks
  • Poster session
  • Collaboration with Design Innovation Initiative



Complexity of Environmental Legacies

19 - 21 March 2019

The Cleveland skyline at twilight with Terminal Tower glowing pink, as seen from the Scranton Flats, with the Cuyahoga River and Eagle Avenue Bridge in the foreground.

Keynote speakers
Elizabeth W. Boyer, Pennsylvania State University
J. Henry Fair, environmentalist and fine art photographer

  • Jennifer Grieser, Cleveland Metroparks
  • Elizabeth Herndon, Kent State University
  • Bess Krietemeyer, Syracuse University
  • Rui Liu, Kent State University
  • Noel Palomo-Lovinski, Kent State University
  • Chris Winslow, The Ohio State University

Additional symposium events included:

  • Poster session and book signing with J. Henry Fair
  • Panel discussion with symposium speakers



Natural and Designed Ecologies

4 - 5 October 2017

Water symposium Natural Designed Ecologies

Keynote speaker
Tim Beatley, University of Virginia

  • Daniel Bain, University of Pittsburgh
  • Margarita Benitz, Kent State University
  • Kelly Bricker, University of Utah
  • Reid Coffman, Kent State University
  • James Fraser, Vanderbilt University
  • Petra Gruber, University of Akron
  • Mitchell Joachim, Terreform One
  • David Jurca, Kent State University
  • Joshua Lawler, University of Washington
  • Andrew Lepp, Kent State University
  • Kayla Perry, The Ohio State University
  • Lisa Petit, National Park Service
  • Laia Mogas Soldevila, Tufts University

Additional symposium events include:

  • Poster session
  • Multiple panel discussions



Sustainability and Resilience on the Land-Water Continuum

5 - 6 October 2016

The theme for this year's Water and Land Symposium at Kent State University is "Sustainability and Resilience on the Land-Water Continuum."

Keynote speaker
Cynthia Barnett, journalist and author of Rain: A Natural and Cultural History and Blue Revolution. Unmaking America's Water Crisis

  • Darren Bade, Kent State University
  • Chris Blackwood, Kent State University
  • Andrew Curtis, Kent State University
  • Matt Davies, The Ohio State University
  • Chris Davis, National Park Service
  • Sarah Godsey, Idaho State University
  • Connie Hausman, Cleveland Metroparks
  • Laura Johnson, Heidelberg University
  • Wendy Kellogg, Cleveland State University
  • Melissa Kenney, University of Maryland
  • Karin Kettenring, Utah State University
  • Lauren Kinsman-Costello, Kent State University
  • Mark McCabe, Gresham Smith and Partners
  • Tom Meixner, University of Arizona
  • Harry Sarvis, Ohio EPA
  • James White, Cuyahoga County Port Authority
  • Truman Young, University of California- Davis

Additional symposium events included:

  • Book signing
  • Poster session
  • Panel discussion



Water in a Changing Climate: Regional to Global Issues

14 - 15 October 2015

Keynote speaker
Richard Alley, Pennsylvania State University

  • Emily M. Elliott, University of Pittsburgh
  • Xiaozhen (Jen) Mou, Kent State University
  • Allison Steiner, University of Michigan
  • V. Kelly Turner, Kent State University
  • Gena Wirth, SCAPE Landscape Architecture LLC


Human Impacts on Water: Ohio's Most Important Natural Resource

14 - 15 November 2013

Keynote speaker
Peter H. Gleick, co-founder and president of the Pacific Institute