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Aeronautics and Technology

  • Profile Pic Tim Assal
    Assistant Professor
    Vegetation dynamics & disturbance; landscape ecology; biogeography; remote sensing; spatial statistics
    Spatial Ecology; landscape ecology; biogeography; remote sensing; vegetation dynamics & disturbance
  • Kay Amey
    hydrology, Environmental Geology, Hydro-geology, Environmental Geography, Physical Geography
  • Darren Bade
    Faculty Advisor, Limnology, Ecology, Aquatic, Ecosystem, Biogeochemistry
  • Photo of Christie Bahlai
    Assistant Professor
    Ecosystem service, ecosystem function, population modeling, quantitative ecology, human-managed ecosystems, break point analysis, long-term ecology, insects
  • margarita benitez
    Wearables & Soft Computing, CAD CAM Technology & Art, Fiber & Material Studies, Data Visualization & Sonification, Art & Technology, Open Source & Community, biodesign, art and environment, design and environment
  • Christopher Blackwood
    Ecology, Soil Science, Microbiology, Plant Ecology, Forest restoration, Urban Ecology, Carbon Sequestration, Community Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Fungi
  • Andrea L. Case
    Plant Evolution, Mating Systems, Mitochondria, Ecological Genetics, Sexual Systems, Natural and Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Technology, Biological Sciences, Developmental Biology, evolutionary ecology, reproductive ecology and evolution, sex expression, plants
  • Coffman
    Urban Ecology | Vegetative Roof Systems | Performance Landscapes | Rain Gardens | Ecological Services | Living Architecture | Green Roofs | Constructed Ecologies | Novel Ecologies | Landscape | Green Infrastructure | Ecosystem Services
  • Costello field crop
    Biogeochemistry; Ecotoxicology; Ecosystem Ecology; Freshwaters
  • Diane Davis-Sikora Headshot
    Deployable Architecture | Urban Agriculture | Vertical Farming | Lightweight Structures
  • Default Profile Image
    Oxidative stress in neuronal degenerative disease, Alzheimers Disease, aging, neurodegeneration, Receptor For Advance Glycation, Lewy's Body, End Products (RAGE), Neurosciences, Protein aggregation, Glycation, Biological Sciences, Mn Pollution, child health
  • Photo of Jo Dowell
    Pediatric Asthma, Health disparities, Community Engagement, Asthma Symptom Management, Healthcare Provider Communications
  • photo Yanhai Du headshot
    clean energy materials, advanced ceramic materials, feul cell anode, cathode, electrolyte materials, reforming catalyst materials, high-temperature conducting materials, additive manufacturing
  • Jean Engohang-Ndong
    Tropical Diseases, Pathogenesis, Molecular Mechanisms, Disease Control
  • Michelle Escalambre Kent State University Office of Continuing and Distance Education
    Special Assistant
  • Timothy Gallagher photo
    Soils, paleosols, stable isotopes, carbon cycle, gas analyses, paleoclimate
  • John Hoornbeek
    Professor, Health Policy and Management
    Environmental, Water, & Public Health Policy, Water Pollution, Government Collaboration, Public Policy, Social Sciences, Political Science, Planning & Policy Studies, Public Management & Reform, inter-governmental relations, environmental management, environmental regulation, water regulation, public health management, public health regulation, and E-government.
  • Elaine Hsiao
    Environmental Conservation, environmental security, environmental peacebuilding, transboundary conservation, Indigenous and community conservation, International environmental law, Environmental Justice, human rights and the environment
  • Anne Jefferson
    Watershed Hydrology, Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions, Hydrogeomorphology
  • Dr. David Kaplan Headshot
    Urban development issues, Geographic manifestations of ethnic identity, Urban segregation patterns, National identity, borderlands and separatist movements, Consequences of global urbanization, mortgage, Urban Planning, Sustainable transportation, Urban issues, Urban transportation, Traffic congestion issues, Segregation, Ethic/Racial Succession, Nationalism, Transportation, Urban Planning-Design, Housing Politics, Ethnicity, Multiculturalism, border regions
  • Mark Kershner
    Theoretical and empirical investigations of community ecology in aquatic, terrestrial and riparian ecosystems; crayfish ecology, Faculty Advisor