6. Should employees include outside employment or other external activity that supports research or creative activity or that is required to maintain a professional license, certification or competencies on the “Outside Employment Approval Form?”

What about engagements as a consultant, evening and weekend employment or other external activities?
Yes, employees should include detailed information as to the type of activity and the amount of time that they plan to commit to the activity. As full-time Kent State University employees, faculty members and academic administrators have a contractual and professional responsibility to the University as the primary employer. Full-time faculty and academic administrators are required to seek and obtain approval prior to accepting any continuing remunerative employment. University Policy does not define “continuing remunerative employment;” however, normally, employment which continues beyond a one-time engagement for which compensation is received would be considered “continuing remunerative employment.” Examples include, but are not limited to ongoing work as a consultant with one or several clients, an ongoing teaching engagement, serving in an editorial position, and any other relationship that continues for some period of time and for which compensation is received.