The upload period for tenured and tenure-track reappointment, tenure, and promotion is live!

Uploads for reappointment, tenure, and promotion will be open from April 30th at 8AM until September 3rd at 5PM. FlashFolio support is available throughout the summer to provide technical assistance with building for your file. Don't wait until after summer! Make an appointment before the end of the semester now. Email today!

Training and File Prep Sessions

These sessions are your opportunity to receive hands-on support from a FlashFolio specialist. Sessions will feature training on file content, linking, and document upload, followed by the opportunity to upload your documents with assistance from FlashFolio support.

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SuperUsers have been specially trained to assist faculty, staff, and administrators with FlashFolio functions. They spread across departments, schools, college, and campuses to provide local support to FlashFolio users.

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