FlashFolio Questions

How do voting faculty view and submit faculty files?

During the evaluation cycle, FlashFolio support will accept invitations to speak to voting faculty on using the FlashFolio system to complete evaluations. The document titled "Faculty Council Vote" outlines this process and can be downloaded from the Training Documents web page which can be accessed through your FlashFolio dashboard Announcements section. Group and individual appointments are available upon request. Email flashfoliosupport@kent.edu to schedule an appointment.

Who should be contacted in regard to RTP policy and procedures?

These questions should be directed to Vanessa Courie vcourie@kent.edu in Faculty Affairs.

How can faculty access the FlashFolio system?

Faculty log into FlashLine, FlashFolio is located on the Faculty and Advisors tab, under “Faculty and Instructor Resources”. FlashFolio is also available under the My Action Items tab.

Will faculty have to complete FlashFolio training in order to access the system?

We will have several FlashFolio training options available to faculty, staff, and administrators. However, training is not a requirement in order to access the system. FlashFolio is available through FlashLine on the Faculty and Advisors tab. Administrative rights with in FlashFolio will only be granted if a user has completed a FlashFolio training session.

When was the decision made to change to the FlashFolio system?

After consultation with the ad hoc committee, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Todd Diacon made the official announcement on February 23, 2015.

What company will support the FlashFolio system?

The company is Data 180.  Kent State University will refer to the customized system as FlashFolio.

What will happen to all faculty data related to faculty personnel actions currently located within the FolioWeb system?

Kent State University personnel and Data 180 personnel have worked as a team to migrate faculty data related to personnel actions from the former system to the FlashFolio system so that former files and actions are readily accessible during the current academic review period.

Will FlashFolio training sessions be available for faculty, staff, and administrators?

Yes, a well-coordinated training schedule will be announced and updated at the FlashFolio Training Schedules web page (http://www.kent.edu/flashfolio/training-schedules). Training documentation is located on the Training Documents web page (https://www.kent.edu/flashfolio/training-documents). Please contact flashfoliosupport@kent.edu to schedule an individual training session.

Who are the “Super Users”?

This is a group of over 75 campus faculty, staff, and administrators from different colleges and regional campuses that have been trained in April 2015 and also August 2015. These users will be familiar with the system and should be considered as main contacts throughout the university. A list of Super Users is available on the FlashFolio web page (https://www.kent.edu/flashfolio/superusers).

If I have a question about FlashFolio, who do I contact?

Always feel free to contact any Super User listed on the webpage. Additionally, support is also available through flashfoliosupport@kent.edu