Annual Workload Summary Reports for Tenured Faculty Members

Each continuing tenured Faculty member is to prepare and submit an annual workload summary report for the previous academic year by September 15th (See CBA Article IX, Section 2.D). The annual workload summary report submitted by the faculty member shall be in the form of an annual updated curriculum vitae, a brief summary of the previous year’s professional activities, and the course syllabi for each course or section of course or section of course taught by the Faculty member during the previous academic year. The chair shall add to the report copies of the summaries of course evaluations for each course taught during the previous academic year. The brief summary will include i) a list of research and scholarly activity, ii) a list of Graduate Faculty membership on Advisory Groups and Thesis Committees, and iii) a list of any other professional activities for which the faculty member received workload equivalency. If necessary, the Chair may request additional information from the faculty member to clarify summary information, and the faculty member shall respond in a timely fashion.

The purpose of this report is to document the workload, including utilization of specified workload equivalencies, for that academic year. This report may be used in planning future workload equivalencies. Any other use of the report requires consent of the faculty member. Modification or revision of the specification and/or application of workload equivalents listed in Subsection A under Faculty Workload and Workload Equivalents above requires the approval of the full faculty of the Department.