Department Committees

All Department committees are advisory and recommendatory to the Chair. The membership, structure, and function of some of the Department's committees are governed by University, Administrative and Operational Policies and the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Chair may establish other departmental standing and ad hoc committees in consultation with the FAC. The Chair will welcome requests from faculty members for positions on the Department’s various committees. The Chair, when making appointments to Department committees, will be mindful of the diversity of disciplines within the Department and will consider the expertise and interests necessary for the effective functioning of specific committees.

The standing committees are: Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC); Curriculum Committee (CC); Student Academic Complaint Committee (SACC); and Graduate Studies Committee (GSC). There are also Ad Hoc Promotions and Tenure Committees, and various other ad hoc committees as needs arise. Though FAC is a Committee of the whole and thus every meeting of FAC constitutes a meeting of the full Faculty, let it be noted that the Collective Bargaining Agreement requires that each Department/School must hold a meeting of the full Faculty at least once each semester.