Office Hours

Faculty members are expected to schedule and attend at least five (5) office hours per week (See University Policy Register 3342-6-18.101). All full-time faculty members are expected to keep five office hours a week which are to be distributed over at least two weekdays. Further, the Chair may determine whether the schedule is suitable when hours are requested beyond the regular office hours of operation.  The office hours shall be posted on the Department office door and on the Department Webpage, and communicated to the Department office as well as to the faculty member's students. If a student, for a legitimate reason or reasons, is unable to meet during the faculty member’s scheduled office hours, the faculty member shall make appointments to meet with the student at an alternate time. A faculty member is expected to keep all Office Hours as posted. A faculty member must report directly to the Chairperson any absence from Office Hours that exceeds 15 minutes, and may not routinely cancel any portion of their posted office hours (posted office hours should be changed so as not to necessitate routine cancellation). Part-time faculty teaching one course in a term will keep three (3) hours per week of office hours. If the part-time faculty member teaches an additional course in the semester, the total office hours per week will increase to five (5) office hours per week.