Application Status

Decision letters are emailed.  If this presents a problem and you have not yet been admitted, please send an email to  If you have been admitted, you will manage your account through FlashLine.

Each college has different processes and timelines for reviewing applications. Once your application has been sent to the appropriate academic unit for review, you will be notified with a final decision.  All decision letters are emailed. 

It may take a few business days for received items to be reflected on your application checklist due to processing time. Once an item has been processed and attached to your checklist, you will receive an email and will see the received item(s) reflected online when checking the status of your application via the Admissions Login page. 

The login ID for the application portal is your email address, not your 9-digit student ID number, which is sometimes referred to as your Banner ID or Student ID number.

You can check the status of your application at any time by visiting the Admissions Login page. 

Application submitted (Incomplete): You have outstanding materials and/or have not paid the application fee. Please visit the login to check the status of your application and see what outstanding materials you still have to submit. Department Review: For domestic applicants, it means your application is complete and has been sent to the...