Success Coaching

Discovering YOUR Path to Success

All about YOU  •  YOUR Vision  •  YOUR Goals  •  YOUR Success!

What is Success Coaching?

  • An empowering reflective experience for self-discovery, confident-intentional decision-making and student success! 
  • Success Coaching moves me toward achieving academic goals while focusing on school and life balance.
  • Exploration of new possibilities, new ways of thinking and new options for student and life success.
  • Identifies and connects resources to promote goal achievement (Academic, Career, Leadership, Personal, Social, Graduation)
  • Personalized goal setting and action planning designed for you, as you are“wired".
  • A reflective experience to recognize and embrace your interests, skills, talent, gifts, and resourcefulness inherently within me to inspire, empower, and maximize your personal potential.
  • Success Coaching honors that you are the expert of your life!


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