Types of Success Coaching


Group Success Coaching

Students further benefit from group coaching as students connect with other students who have similar goals. Group coaching offers peer bonding and camaraderie that develops positive student connections that often increase personal accountability to remain focus on goal achievement and success. Students have the opportunity to learn from one another and to share feedback from personal experiences that can be helpful to a student seeking successful navigation strategies for any given situation. Group coaching focuses on similar student goal achievement paths and welcomes student partnerships to complete action plan steps. Students enjoy interacting and working with peers who share common interests and who are working toward student achievement and success as themselves!

"Your way of thinking can create successful or unsuccessful outcomes."
- Stephen Richards





Individual Success Coaching

Students establish a trusting and open coaching relationship with their success coach.  Students talk freely about school and life balance, goals, aspirations, challenges, decision-making, successes, and next steps. Students discover new information about themselves through sharing information and answering direct questions.  Students may complete personal assessment questionnaires to gain additional feedback to move student closer to goals.  Individual coaching sessions direct attention to student self-discoveries, the goal achievement path, and to the development of the student action plan.

"Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have
a burning desire to achieve."

  - Wilfred Peterson