Out-of-Class Experiences

These are courses in which an academic space on campus for the instructor and students is not needed. These include those courses with the following schedule types:

  • CLR - Clerkship
  • COP - Cooperative Education
  • DSF - Dissertation
  • FLD - Field Experience
  • IND - Individual Investigation
  • INT - International Experience
  • MST - Master's Thesis
  • PRA - Practical Experience
  • RES - Research
  • SRP - Senior Project/Honors Thesis
  • STA - Study Away

Therefore, these schedule types do not require an assigned building and room to be considered "in-person." Schedulers should not add a building and room to the meet-record unless students are truly required to meet in-person at scheduled days and times.

For more information on immigration regulations for international students, contact Office of Global Education. 

Schedulers can search by schedule type by utilizing the Schedule Section Query (SSASECQ) in Banner by searching by Term, Subject, and Schedule Type (see below) or by pulling a Schedule of Classes (SAAR-096) report from Cognos and sorting by schedule type.


The schedule type can also be confirmed at the top of SSASECT.