Forms & Applications

As a student or parent, you may need to access specific forms and applications. Whether you need scholarship forms, loan forms, or other paperwork related to your financial aid, access the below.

Important information for form/document submission

All forms/documents must be submitted via the One Stop Student Services, using the "SUBMIT DOCUMENTS" option online.

Submit Forms/Documents Now

If you need to submit forms/documents in person, you may use the One Stop drop box located on the first floor of the Library at the Kent Campus. Please check the Library hours for availability. You can also return your forms/documents by mail or fax your documents to (330) 672-6001. If you are required to submit your forms to a Regional Campus, please check with your Regional Campus representative for hours of availability. 

Please review the instructions on your forms/documents for details on if it is required  to be returned in person or via postal mail due to wet signature.

Visit the One Stop for Student Services if you have any further questions.

How to Scan a Document with your Phone (PDF)

2021-2022 Verification Forms

If your FAFSA was selected for verification, the One Stop for Student Services will notify you through email and/or your FlashLine account. We will let you know what forms must be submitted to our office. You need to submit a form only if it was requested by the One Stop for Student Services.  The forms are provided online for your convenience.

If your document needs to be returned in person, please check the library hours or with your Regional Campus representative for hours of availability.  You can also return these forms by mail.  Please see your form for details on if it needs to be returned in person.

Scholarship Applications and Forms
Academic Progress Forms
Post Undergraduate, Graduate Non-Degree, and Combined Students
Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement
Cost of Attendance
Education Abroad (Study Abroad/Away)

Federal Direct Loan Request

This form is provided for students who are requesting additional Federal Direct Loan funds after the initial Award Letter was processed.  Complete this form if you need to increase your Federal Direct Loan amount if you declined Federal Direct Loan funds and now want to accept them.

Federal Direct Loan Change Request Form - INCREASE

Federal Direct Loan Change Request Form - DECREASE

Graduate permission for undergraduate courses

This form is for Kent State University graduate students who registers for undergraduate courses and is required to provide academic approval that the undergraduate course is either required for their graduate study or the undergraduate course applies to the graduate degree. Federal regulations governing the Federal Direct Loan and Graduate PLUS Loan Programs require that graduate students taking undergraduate courses must be enrolled at least half-time in courses that can be applied to the graduate program requirements. 

2021-2022 Graduate Permission for Undergraduate Courses (PDF)

Federal Direct Parent PLUS*

In addition to the Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans available to student borrowers, parents of dependent students are able to borrow additional funds under the Federal Direct Parent PLUS program. The PLUS loan requires that the parent complete and submit the PLUS Application. The parent information is forwarded to the Dept. of Education for credit evaluation.

2021-2022 Parent PLUS Loan Application

To make changes to your Parent PLUS application that has been awarded to your student's account, please contact the One Stop for Student Services.

Federal Direct PLUS for Graduate Students Application*

Federal Direct PLUS for Graduate Students is a loan from the Department of Education that allows graduate students to borrow additional funds to pay education expenses. The amount is determined by the cost of education less other financial aid including Federal Direct Loan eligibility. The Grad PLUS requires a credit evaluation. The Grad PLUS loan requires the student to complete and submit the PLUS Application. 

2021-2022 Graduate PLUS Loan Applications

The Graduate PLUS Loan Change Form is provided for students who are requesting a change to their Graduate PLUS loan that has already been awarded to their Kent State University account.  

2021-2022 Graduate PLUS Loan Change Form

*Applications for Summer Only, Summer/Fall/Spring, Fall Only and Fall/Spring 2021-2022 are now available. Applications for Spring 2022 become available in December 2021.

total and permanent disability discharge process

If you have previously completed the Total and Permanent Disability Discharge (TPDD) process, the forms below are for you to regain your eligibility to borrow new student loans or TEACH. 

Please review the terms and conditions of your Discharge.  You may be subject to a 3-year-post-discharge monitoring period.  Some additional information can be found at Federal Student Aid.

Do I have to submit this form to receive any aid?

  • No.  ONLY students wanting to borrow new federal student loans or TEACH should complete these forms.   
  • Students who have completed the TPDD process and are not looking to borrow will be packaged based on their eligibility without federal student loans or TEACH.
    • Based on your federal eligibility, you may still be awarded Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Federal Work Study and Merit Scholarships without changing your Disability status. 

What form do I need to complete?


  • There is only one form that must be completed.

2021-2022 Total and Permanent Disability Discharge Form


This form is for students enrolled in eligible nursing programs at Kent, Ashtabula, East Liverpool, Stark or Tuscarawas campuses.  Complete this form if you want to be considered for Nursing Loan funds in Fall and/or Spring.  Once you submit the form, it will be reviewed by the financial aid office for eligibility.  Please see the Nursing Loan eligibility criteria.  

2021-2022 Federal Nursing Loan Request Form

Private Loans

This form is provided for students who are requesting a change on the original request of the private loan requested with the lender in which they are borrowing.  The eligibility for a loan to be canceled or reduced depends on the timing of the request.  we cannot guarantee that a loan can be reduced or canceled upon request. 

2021-2022 Private Loan Change Form

Special Circumstance Application

The 2021-2022 Special Circumstance Application is now available.  If you have a special circumstance for the current year, please contact your regional campus or the One Stop for Student Services.

Learn more about Special Circumstance