Students discuss their project during the 2016 Fashion/Tech Hackathon at Kent State University’s Fashions School.
Students gets ready to innovate, design and bring wearable technology to life at the 2017 Fashion/Tech Hackathon Jan. 27-29.
Visitors share a quiet moment at the Kent State May 4 Memorial, honoring four students who were killed on May 4, 1970, during a student protest of the Vietnam War.
The National Historic Landmark designation brings mixed emotions, as well as a purpose for current and future visitors to the site.
Students gather at the site where one of four students was killed on May 4, 1970, during a student protest of the Vietnam War
U.S. Secretary of the Interior announces the designation of the Kent State University May 4 Site as a National Historic Landmark.
national anthem
The Kent State's men's basketball student-athletes select fans of all races to stand with them in solidarity during the national anthem.
Photo of plane
The Kent State University Airport is honored for its environmentally-friendly master plan.  
Photo of classroom
Earning a bachelor’s degree will benefit more than your career path. That is the message from five Ohio university presidents: Beverly Warren, the president of Kent State University; Ronald M. Berkman, the president of Cleveland State University; Jay A. Gershen, the president of...
Students team up to prepare meals in the Campus Kitchen at Kent State, located in the second floor kitchen in Beall Hall.
Campus Kitchen’s new pop-up market offers healthy produce and pantry items to children and families in the community at no cost.
may 4 photo
Guided tours of Kent State's historic May 4 grounds will be offered daily as the university begins renovations to Taylor Hall.
Craig Zamary is passionate about exposing children to entrepreneurship, as early as 1st grade.
Kent State's Craig Zamary suggests exposing 1st graders to entrepreneurship.
Students take advantage of reverse loop on campus. By Benjamin VanHoose, Kent Wired
SPOT PARTA allows users to locate any of PARTA’s fixed-route buses anywhere within Portage County.