Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FLASHcard?

The FLASHcard is your Kent State University ID card and more. Your card will let you take materials out of the Kent State University libraries, access services such as Student Recreation and Wellness Center & athletic events, and purchase goods and services both on and off campus. If you have a dining plan, you will use your FLASHcard to purchase meals in our dining halls. You may also deposit money on your FLASHcard and create a debit account. This plan, now known as FLASHcash (previously called the Golden FLASH Card), will allow you to make purchases both on and off campus wherever the FLASHcard is accepted.

How do I get a FLASHcard?

In order to get your Kent State University FLASHcard you must complete a FLASHcard Application Form (PDF). We are located on the Lower Level in the Kent Student Center next to The LGBTQ+ Center, and are open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. You have to have an official state photo ID or Passport. If your are a distance learning student, and can not come to the FLASHcard Office or one of the branch campuses office, you can fill out the Flashcard Distance Learning Application (PDF). Once it has been completed please email the application, a notarized copy of an official state photo ID or Passport to Then upload a photo at using the sidebar links.

What is the Residence Hall Dining Plan?

The Dining Plan is an essential part of the Kent State experience and without one a student could not get the full feel of the college atmosphere. Visit the Culinary Services website to view your dining plan options. If you are a First-Year or Sophomore Resident student, you will select a meal plan through Flashline or the Student Checklist. If you are an Upperclass or Commuter student, you can purchase a meal plan through your Student Dashboard in FlashLine. You can also contact the FLASHcard Office at 330-672-2273 or by email: for questions about signing up for a meal plan. The last day to change your meal plan, or cancel your meal plan if you are not required to have one is at the end of the second week of the semester. To petition to be released from your Dining Plan Contract fill out the Dining Petition and submit with any supporting documentation to

What is FLASH Cash?

FLASHcash is a prepaid purchase plan ideal for students, faculty, staff, or anyone who frequently visits the Kent State University Campus. It works like a credit card in reverse. You make an initial deposit to your account, and charges are deducted as you make purchases, much like a debit card issued from your bank. Money on this account carries over yearly and is fully refundable. FLASHcash accounts with no activity during a twelve-month period are considered inactive. Inactive accounts with balances of less than $5 will be closed and the remaining balance forfeited. Inactive accounts with balance over $5 will be assessed an annual $10 service charge. Please visit Card User Agreement for more information.

Can I request a refund for my FLASH Cash?

FLASHcash can be refunded by completing the Flashcash Refund Request Form. Fill in your name and KSU email. You will be issued a one time access code for email verification. Enter your KSU Banner ID Number, and the amount you are requesting to be refunded. Click sign, and your request will begin to be processed within 1 to 2 business days. The funds are transferred to your student account. If you do not owe a balance on your student account, the funds will be refunded to you via the refund method you have selected. To set up or review your refund method please visit Bank Mobile's website. For questions regarding your refund method please call Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center at 330-672-6000.

How can i learn more about linking my PNC Bank account to my FLASHcard?

PNC is the exclusive bank of the FLASHcard Program. For more information regarding the PNC Bank campus banking program, please stop by the PNC Bank branch located in the Kent Student Center or visit

What are the benefits of adding PNC to my FLASHcard?

You can extend the flexibility of your FLASHcard by linking it to a new or existing PNC checking account. Your FLASHcard becomes a secondary ATM card and can be used at ATMs or everywhere PIN-based debit is accepted. For additional information regarding the PNC Bank campus banking program, please stop by the PNC Branch located in the Kent Student Center or visit

How do I obtain a retirement/emeritus status FLASHcard?

Qualified employees who earn retirement status with the University are eligible for a new FLASHcard which states your earned status. You will need to request a retirement letter from the Benefits Department. You are to bring a copy of this letter to the FLASHcard Office, along with your current FLASHcard. We will then print you a new FLASHcard.

Those who have earned emeritus status will receive a letter stating your earned status. You are to bring a copy of this letter to the FLASHcard Office, along with your current FLASHcard. We will then print you a new FLASHcard.


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