Join the FLASHcash Program!

Kent State students spend an estimated $107.8 million during a academic year for off-campus services and Kent State employees pour $104.9 million into the local and state economy. Wouldn't you like to make it easier from them to spend their dollars in your establishment?

Kent State's official debit card system the FLASHcard is used by more than 15,000 students, faculty and staff. Deposits on the system have reached $3 million and are expected to grow!

How Does it Work?

Students, faculty and staff present their FLASHcard with their purchase.  Just swipe the card into a  card reader connected to the KSU FLASHcard Operation and the transaction is complete.

What Will it Cost?

The cost of the unit plus a transaction fee on all purchases. The transaction fee covers the management of the card program including accounting and advertising.

How you Benefit?

  • The FLASHcard makes it easier for student, faculty, and staff to make purchases at your establishment.
  • Receive additional exposure for your business!  The University advertises in the Daily Kent Stater, on-campus posters, and other university related media and programs.  Vendors' logos, addresses, and phone numbers are also on our website.

How Do You Get Started?

  • Download our Merchant Agreement HERE and send completed document to
  • Please contact the Flashcard Office at 330-672-2273 for more information.